1996 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL600 SL 600 6.0L V12 Convertible 1996 Mercedes SL600 Brand New Top and All Top Hydraulics, No Accidents, No Rust

1996 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class SL600 SL 600 6.0L V12  Convertible 1996 Mercedes SL600 Brand New Top and All Top Hydraulics, No Accidents, No Rust

Exotic V12 engine in a classy Mercedes SL600 R129 convertible with appreciation potential. No accidents and no rust - used only in California and southern states. Convertible top has been replaced and all 12 top hydraulic cylinders have professionally been just rebuilt. The top and hydraulics have zero usage except for testing cycles. Also brand new engine bay hood liner, floor mats etc. One of 688 SL600 imported to USA in 1996. Total global production of all R129 V12 cars in all years is only 11,089. The same V12 engine was used (without any tuning) in the original Pagani Zonda C12 hyper car (now valued at about $3.25 million), considered by many to be one of the best sounding cars of all time (using exhaust with headers). DOHC engine displacing 5987 cc / 365.3 in³ has respectable performance even by today's standards: Power293.8 kw / 394.0 bhp @ 5200 rpm Torque570 nm / 420.4 ft lbs @ 3800 rpm1996 is considered by many to be the best year for SL600 - unlike earlier models it has no distributors but individual cylinder coils, giving much stronger and more reliable ignition. Electronic 5 speed (unlike pre 1996 mechanical 4 speed) is more responsive and gives better fuel economy. Newer than 1996 models suffer from unavailability/difficulty of obtaining fob based ignition keys.Nice silver paint - traditionally silver is the most sought after for German sports cars as it was the German racing color (just like British was green, Italian red etc) This car is trimmed with stitched leather (including the dash, door handles, sun visors etc, unlike many SL600 which have those parts in solid plastic/vinyl). Wood trimmed steering wheel. Clean, one piece HID/xenon headlights (not the common halogens with plastic framing), clear not yellow corner lights, desirable, rare original alloy wheels (including the spare). Original audio equipment (head unit with code, Bose amplifier, CD changer with Mercedes cartridge etc.) Comes with a hard top, rare fold-able hardtop stand, wind deflector which attaches to the roll bar, jack, toolkit, books, clear CarFax. The car has been garaged and well maintained. Not driven much recently.Some service records including: Service about 200 miles ago: Left and right valve cover gaskets, ABS pump, 6 ignition coils, Synthetic oil change Service about 4500 miles ago: Automatic transmission service (filters, gaskets, fluid), engine and transmission mounts changed, spark plugs changed, cabin air filter, engine air filter, oil pan gasket and sending unit, 4 ignition coils, various seals and repairs, Synthetic oil. A rare opportunity to purchase a solid, collectible convertible (hardtop included).Ideally for someone who can appreciate engineering of one of the top Mercedes cars from the era of some of the best quality cars Mercedes has ever built, but anyone can enjoy it as either a warm weather convertible or colder weather hardtop. Please contact me if you would like to see a video of the top and the roll bar going up and down or more photos or if you require any other information. State sales tax, title, license fee and registration fee are additional. We do not charge any dealer fees or documentation preparation fees. The mileage may increase slightly as the car is occasionally being driven. Thank you for your interest and good luck bidding! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Note to buyers in Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia - if you buy any car from a dealer in Florida you will be required to pay double your state sales tax. So please don't bid if this is a problem. And feel free to petition the Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia state governments to correct this absurd law and be like any other state in USA. All other states are "normal" and do not have such double taxation requirement.

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